Eugene & Alisa


東京、横浜にてタンゴイベント(ミロンガ)も数多く主催しており、イベントオーガナイザーであると共にDJ Eugeneとしての活動にも力を入れている。


"Eugene & Alisa" is a tango couple with high popularity and exceptional, stunning talent.

Since they formed together as "Eugene & Alisa" in 2001, they have been performing brilliantly in many events, tango concerts, stages and also active in various fields of media such as TV drama, magazines.
The couple have been gaining high reputations from home and overseas. Needless to say in Japan, they appear on major tango spots in Buenos Aires - Salon Canning, La National, La Catedral, Humberto Primo etc. in gala performances.
They are also dedicated and energetic in organizing many milongas & tango events in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Covers various tango styles - common traditional style, show style, milonguero style, canyengue (classical style), tango moderno (contemporary style) and they serve as executive board members of FJTA (Federacion Japonesa de Tango Argentino) handling its workshop as instructor.
They have been noted for their accessible, friendly & comprehensive teaching method which is supported by many pupils broadly in Tokyo, Yokohama and other cities around the nation, as of 2015.
In 2014 they served as jury in 11th Tango Dance Asian Championship.
Their evolution continues and
we can't take our eyes off...